When Someone Dies - Funeral Advise

when someone dies image - Funeral Plans BathDeath at Home

It is best to inform the local doctor as soon as possible. A death certificate may be issued when the doctor visits the house or you may be asked to collect this from the surgery.

Death in Hospital

The hospital staff will have arranged for the completion of the Death Certificate by one of the attending doctors. If you would like a cremation to take place, then either inform the hospital or contact ourselves so that we can arrange for the additional form (the Cremation Form 4, 5 and 10) to be completed.

The Coroner

If the deceased has not been seen by his/her doctor within 14 days prior to death, has not been in hospital for more than 24 hours, or the death is sudden, then it is required to be reported to the Coroner. The doctor may inform the Coroner on your behalf.

The Coroner's role is to establish a cause of death, and this may be done by post mortem. Once the cause of death has been ascertained, the deceased will be released, allowing the funeral to proceed. This process can take a few days or more. We will then be able to tell you when the death can be registered. Note that if a Coroner's Inquest is needed (death thought to occur due to unnatural causes), this can take some time. We will be able to advise you on this.